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Sad Mountains- Logo

Sad Mountain Trivia Team

Logo Design | Graphic Design

My Role: Lead Designer

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

Sad Mountains Logo-Portrait

Meet Team Sad Mountain – a group of fun-loving pals who enjoy nothing more than sipping on their favourite drinks while answering some quirky trivia questions. The name of the team was born as an antonym for the venue where they usually play, and now the name has become synonymous with their team spirit.

But what’s a team without a logo? That’s why the folks at Team Sad Mountain were after a creative symbol that can represent their team and showcase their commitment to their team name.

Vertical Logo
Sad Mountains Logo-Portrait
Horizontal Logo
Sad Mountians Logo H-CMYK
SM Patterns-01
SM Patterns-02
SM Patterns-03
SM Patterns-04
Sad Mountains- Logo – 3