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S.E.A – Self Empowerment & Awareness

Graphic Design | Logo Design | Business Cards

My Role: Lead Designer

Tools: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Graphite Pencil, Paper

Page Contents

  1. Logo Design
  2. Business Cards
About the Client

Self-Empowerment & Awareness (S.E.A.) is a company all about getting the best out of YOU!

1. Logo Design


A logo that represents the Australian people but remains tranquil and calming.


To create a logo using elements of the feather image provided by the client. The logo must represent Australia and its people but be calming and tranquil.

The Work

I took the feather image and found a stock image of a feather with roughly the same shape. I created the drop shadow below the feather by trial and error and added the orange dots to the shadow. The dots represent the people coming together, much like that in native indigenous art. The Blues and orange colours work well with this logo as it keeps the logo tranquil and calming but still contrast the critical information.


2. Business Card


To design a business card that used a stock image supplied by the client and the new logo.

The Work

The design of the business cards emphasises the logo and contact information on one side and the clients’ business services, helping customers read and comprehend the card’s details better.